Malibu Stacy


After my Ralph experiment I feel the strong urge to create more Simpsons things. For ideas of what to do I headed over to Pinterest, the place that solves all of life’s idea related problems, and found an image of Malibu Stacy with a quote underneath and I just knew it was the one.

This time I’d learnt from my mistakes, and instead of using cross stitch aida I used a scrap piece of calico, much easier to work with! I traced an image of Malibu Stacy onto the fabric just using a pencil (I really need to invest in fabric pens!) From that point onwards it was plain sailing, just following the lines in backstitch.

I found a chart for a lower case cursive font, again on Pinterest, and used it as a guide for my lettering. I decided to do the text in cross stitch, simply because I just love the way it looks! Unexpectedly this was extremely difficult to do without having the lovely guide holes of the aida fabric, but I got there in the end!

I’m actually really happy with the outcome of this piece, and I can’t wait to have the time to do even more. I’ve already got the next one planned!

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Chloe. x

3 thoughts on “Malibu Stacy

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    • Thanks, glad you like it! Hoping to do a whole load more of the Simpsons.
      I’m quite new to the blogging thing, but I’ll definitely check out Bloglovin, thanks for the suggestion.

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