Mollie Makes magazine

It seems as though I’ve developed a habit of buying craft mags now. This weeks choice is Mollie Makes.

photo-2 copy

Mollie Makes is a magazine I’ve always admired in the shops, but never committed to buying. I’ve recently started following Mollie Makes on Instagram (@molliemakes) and they constantly post loads of lovely things – I highly recommend you take a look! Now that I’ve gotten back into the swing of making things, it’s finally given me the push I needed to buy the mag.

In terms of price and value for money, it’s not worked out as well as Prima makes (the previous magazine I bought). Although it’s the same price at £4.99 it’s about half as thick, which is a shame. But it is beautifully printed, and jam packed full of things to make and do.

Like Prima Makes, this mag comes with a similar free gift, a small plush rabbit. And this one, I’ve got to say looks a whole load nicer than the Prima gift, it’s just so cute! In normal circumstances I wouldn’t be able to wait to make it, but after the dire fiasco that occurred while making the Prima gift I’ve found myself a bit to scared to start. The mag boasts coming with 2 free gifts, the plush rabbit being the first, and the second is a booklet of summer homestyle makes – lots of colourful floral things.

The content is quite broad, covering a variety of crafty skills, interviews and features with crafters, and wide range of lovely things you can buy for your home. I’ve absolutely loved pawing through this magazine, and I can’t wait to begin creating! I will definitely be buying the next edition, there might even be a subscription in my future.

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