Cath Kidston – Stitch

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Despite the fact I have an ever increasing to-make list, I thought I’d add to it even further by buying this Cath Kidston book. I found it in WH Smiths in the reduced section, at only £7 it was a must-buy and well worth the money! I’d recommend going down to your local store and taking a look for yourself.

I absolutely adore Cath Kidston, and who can blame me? She’s the creator of such lovely stuff, and definitely my go to person for florals. And it’s not only me that loves her, the second I bought this book the “can you make me that?” requests started pouring in, all of which will ever to go on my long waiting list.

Now, if I’m being honest, my one and only skill is in cross stitch. This book however not only covers cross stitch, but also tapestry, embroidery, and general sewing techniques. This would normally put me off as I’d just assume the all uses of the other techniques would be lost on me, but not in this time! The book starts with basic how-to sections for all the different types of stitching, showing you step by step with images to help. So if you’re a beginner looking to learn this may be the perfect book for you. Whether it’s easy to learn, I’m still yet to discover.

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The book not only contains several patterns, but also ideas and instructions of what to do with them. This includes cushions, bags, rugs and much much more. This, in my opinion, is what makes the book stand out. You can get tonnes of charts from books and magazines, but it’s what to do with it afterwards that always poses a problem. Quite often the only go to solution is turning your pattern into a pin cushion, but there’s only so many pin cushions one person needs! Here the ideas are quite unique, and all of them are actually quite useful.

Overal it seems like a good read, and at the current price you won’t want to miss out! I for one can’t wait to start making.

Chloe. x

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