Prima Makes magazine

photo-2This is the only craft magazine I have ever bought myself, and I definitely think it was a good choice. I looked around quite a bit in the process of choosing this mag, and what I discovered is crafty magazines are quite expensive. The majority, including this one, are about £5 and being a student I don’t easily part with that kind of money! This one however, seemed totally worth it – it’s massive! There’s absolutely loads inside and although it’s quite diverse it’s all totally relevant, there are even some delicious looking cake recipes in there. My personal favourite thing about magazines is the paper they’re printed on (bit weird, but whatever), I love a good bit of paper, there’s nothing that I hate more than a cheap glossy magazine, this one you’ll all be pleased to know is made from some good quality stuff.

Thanks to this magazine I now have a list as long as my arm full of fun things to make, now all I’ve got to do is somehow find some time to get going. I started of this long list with the free kit that came with the magazine, a little Russian doll keyring, and oh boy was that a mistake!

After trying for such a long and frustrating time to complete the kit and making a complete mess of it all, I’ve got to say I have a new found respect for anyone with sewing abilities. That’s not to say I previously thought sewing was easy, I just for some reason assumed that a free kit would take a matter of minutes to make and would look absolutely perfect – oh how wrong was I! Rather than creating the lovely keyring I was expecting, all I ended up with was a hideous mess, think I’ll be needing a bit more practice before my next endeavour.

For anyone who bought the magazine and is having trouble locating the templates for the Russian doll kit, you’re not going crazy, they’re really not in the magazine. Absolutely bizarre, but there’s been a mistake with the printing and the charts just managed to escape. Don’t fear though, they are easy to get hold of. All you have to do is send a quick email to the lovely people at and they’ll reply within a day with the coveted templates and instructions – marvellous!

Chloe. x

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