Button Moon Art and Design


I’ve mentioned before that a love of sewing and crafty type things runs in my family. Though for my mum it’s not just a hobby, along with her business partner best friend, she runs Button Moon Art and Design – And no, it’s nothing to do with the TV show.

The Cornish based business consists of my mum, Chrissy, and her partner Sussie. With a love of textiles, Button Moon creates a whole range of mixed media art, each is one of a kind and extremely original. The pair say their inspiration comes from the beauty of the Cornish coasts and countrysides, and it shows! Many of their pieces are Cornish themed, be it landscapes or images of traditional Cornish food. Each original piece is made up of layers upon layers of different fabrics, sewn delicately together by hand to create unique art pieces. As well as the original pieces being up for grabs, you can also get your hands on a variety of things printed with their spectacular artwork.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 02.19.54

The pair are currently working on a commission from the Royal Navy for a children’s book. Much like all their other work the book consists of a variety of fabrics in different colours and textures – unlike their other work however the book is interactive and features squeakers, mirrors and tassels. The short book is set to be displayed in the Royal Navy’s gallery in Portsmouth.

Button Moon is also on the path to creating their own set of children’s books, this has been my mothers dream for a loooong time. These books however will be of the normal paper variety, the pair will be creating each scene using textiles, to be turned into digital copies and printed in the books. The first of it’s kind has already been written and is ready to be realised in fabric, this will be pirate themed, future ideas also include princess themed books.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Button Moon only caters for the youth, as these ladies mean serious business. Their art is currently on display in 6 galleries around Cornwall, and not only that but they also have an online store that stocks not only their art, but gifts and homeware too.

photo 2-2

Sussie drawing up new designs

photo 1-3

Chrissy working hard at the sewing machine









To visit Button Moon on Facebook go to – www.facebook.com/ButtonMoonArtAndDesign

To view the online store go to – www.button-moon.co.uk/


And if you’re in the Cornwall area Button Moon will be at the following events:

The Royal Cornwall Show (Wadebridge) – June 5th, 6th & 7th

Boscastle Food & Craft festival – October 4th & 5th

Made in Cornwall fair (Truro) – November 26th – 30th


Chloe. x

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