The lovely time of year called Mother’s Day

This is what we’ve all even waiting for, the only day of the year where we can show our mothers that we actually do like them quite a bit. This day has a habit of sneaking up on me when I’m not expecting it, I’m always too busy worrying about birthdays and Christmas to remember I also have the task of getting gifts for this totally worthwhile day. Due to my tough life as a student I don’t actually have any money to spend on flowers and teddy bears for someone who already knows I love her. So due to my newly re-discovered interest in cross stitch I decided to make a gift. And although it’s a sneaky way of saving a bit of money, it takes a whole heap more time and effort than just popping to Thornton’s – not that I’m judging those who do, I’ve done it for the past 20 years. photo 1 For once I actually had a clear idea of what I wanted to do, which is a huge jumpstart in the process. Every year as well as getting my mum a gift, I also get one for my gran, my gran is a fangirl for two things; cross stitch and Cath Kidston. This is where the idea came from, I found a cute little design for a Cath Kidston style tapestry on Pinterest and just adapted it slightly for a cross stitch piece. Because it was so fun to do I ended up finishing the piece in one night, so I decided to do more. I ended up making 3 in total, one for my gran, one for my mum, and one for my boyfriends mum, all in slightly different colours. Because they were round instead of wasting all the effort on a card I decided to make them into something longer lasting – coasters! photo 3 Hope you like them.

Chloe. x

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