Haul from home

photo 3-2When I first mentioned to my gran that I was taking up cross stitch again she was over the moon. My gran’s being stitching for years, her entire house is jam packed full of the stuff, her walls are covered framed cross stitch pieces, and every seat in the house has a tapestry cushion – all of this she’s made herself. And she’s still going, anytime a birthday comes around you receive a beautiful hand stitched card.

As a child my gran taught me how to stitch, we were both left handed so we worked well as a pair. But over the years I gradually got bored and grew out of it.

Now however all that has changed and I’m raring to go on about a thousand possible projects. The only thing I thought was holding me back was my huge lack of supplies. But before I knew it that was no longer an issue, as I received a massive care package from my gran.

photo 1

The supplies included 4 big boxes of threads, in a variety of different colours, all correctly numbered and ordered. Lots of embroidery hoops in a range of sizes, brand new aida fabric, and about a million free kits that had been carefully collected from magazines over the years. Not to mention enough old cross stitch magazines to sink a ship. All of this filled an entire Ikea bag. So now I’ve got no excuse not to get cracking on with stuff, but first I need to find somewhere to store it all!

photo 2

Chloe. x

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