The Coruscant Tapestry


If you’re a big Star Wars fan looking to decorate you house, then look no further, this 30ft tapestry is right up your alley.

The super cool London-based artist Aled Lewis has made all our dreams come true with the ultimate collaboration of Star Wars and cross stitch, why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?

The sci-fi themed tapestry chronicles the entire Star Wars saga (so far), from Episode I to Episode VI, in numerical order – unfortunately for all prequel haters IV does not come first here. The tapestry includes all the main scenes from the films and also features all your favourite characters. Not only does it display the entire story, but Aled has gone the extra mile and has also included quotes from the films. These are written around the boarders in Aurebesh, the alphabet used in the films. Lucky for those who aren’t quite as fluent in the language, his work is accompanied by a translation code for the confusing Aurebesh letters.

The piece “The Coruscant Tapestry”, is named after a planet from the Star Wars films, that across all the films was generally agreed to be the most important world in the galaxy.

Lewis describes the piece as “very much a homage to the Bayeux Tapestry” which is almost seven times larger in length. The piece is entirely hand stitched, but fortunately for Aled and his delicate little fingertips he didn’t have to tackle this great feat all by himself, instead he had the genius idea to recruit a crack team of his friends and family to help complete the task over a period of six months, to be finished just in time for the great unveiling.

Aled’s inspiration for the piece stems from his love of pixel art. He has previously done a lot of work in 8-bit game style, which was inspired by the first game console he had as a child, a Gameboy. The taspestry takes his pixel art style of work to a whole new level, something he’d never tried before. Aled created each 8-bit-like scene on his computer before copying it pixel for pixel with a needle and thread.

The Coruscant Tapestry is currently the centrepiece of the British designer Aled Lewis’s “Such Pixels” exhibition in Los Angeles. Though it just so happen it’s up for sale and looking for a warm and loving home, it can be all yours for a measly £12,000. But if you can’t afford the luxury price tag, this may not be the tapestry you’re looking for. Sounds like a great investment to me, if only I had a house big enough to hang it.


May the force be with you.

Chloe. x

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