And so the stitching begins…

I’ve always thought blogs were soley for people with major hobbies and interests – something I never had. Throughout life you constantly get asked what your hobbies are, and this has always been a problem for me. I chose to just blame my parents for not forcing me into clubs when I was a child, for all I know they could have deprived the world of the best ballet dancer there’s ever been.


Cross stitch is one of those things I half heartedly did as a child, I always liked the concept but when it came down to the execution I just couldn’t find the patience for it. So I gave up, and over the years I forgot about it entirely, apart from the instances where my mother would list all the crafty projects I’d started and not finished (thanks mum).

But now miraculously I’ve taken cross stitch up all over again. I’ve spent weeks in the run up to Valentines day trying to think of a present to give my boyfriend, and I’d come up with absolutely zilch. Problem was, I’m rubbish with ideas and I have no money – cheers uni. Then I remembered that once-apon-a-time I had skills, cross stitch skills. So I combed google for ideas for my Valentines themed cross stitch idea, having no idea what on earth would I do. Let me tell you this, if you google it all that will come up is red love hearts and teddy bears – not really my thing.

Then somehow along the way I came to the conclusion that a cross stitch of an anatomical heart would obviously be the perfect thing. I’m not one for any of that soppy stuff, so this heart was one I was capable of doing without it being overly lame. Not very romantic, but I’ve still got some street cred.


The finished item took me about a week to complete, and that was me sewing pretty much non-stop in order to get it finished on time. I’m really happy with the outcome, hope you like it too.

Chloe. x

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